Imperium's guild masters history

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Imperium's guild masters history

Post  Sliksrzeus on Fri May 28, 2010 1:21 am

Sliksrzeus made he’s first ever character warrior on 03/10/2009 on horde Hellscream. He started levelling quickly too hit the highest level which being 80 at the time. Once he hit level 80 he joined a guild called Rebirth which had a few real life friend’s in there. He did the odd raid here and there. Eventually he made a guild called Shockwave on an alt character, which he used mainly as a bank. Rebirth eventually took its toll and disbanded. He then moved himself into a guild called Angels along with his real life mate Lilhottybabe.

After general discussion Sliksrzeus finally decided to start a raiding guild and with the help of Lilhottybabe turned Shockwave into a raiding guild. At first they invited people into the guild who didn't stay around for long, so they gave up. Once they became determined in making this guild work they started getting stuff for the guild and recruiting. Even though the guild wasn’t a success Sliksrzeus managed to pug ulduar and eventually was tanking there on a regular basis.

People then became interested in the guild which became a successful raiding guild on Hellscream (Horde). They were downing ToTc which was the hardest raid content out at the time. Even though Shockwave was only really raiding ToTc 10man they had 2 groups running it each week plus ToTc 25. Not forgetting, they were still raiding Ulduar but their main focus was ToTc.

When ICC came out Shockwave went straight into it with high hopes of downing some bosses. They done 3 bosses quite quickly but got stuck on Saurfang. But then something in the guild happened and after a couple weeks of ICC being released, around the Christmas Season (2009), their 2nd raiding team decided to make their own guild and taking most of the guild members along with them.

This was a bad move for Shockwave, but Sliksrzeus and Lilhottybabe were determined to make it work, so again they started to recruit more members for just 10man ICC. Sliksrzeus decided to change the guild name to Evil Council. Once this had changed Evil Council then had another blow to the guild, couple of their best dps decided to move to alliance.

Finally Evil Council was getting better by the day and gaining good members. Some members stayed and some left, but with Sliksrzeus and Lilhottybabe so determined to make this guild work they kept pushing themselves. They then got some good news that some old members that faction changed / left decided to come back and help us progress.

With the help of their officers in the guild they starting to gain their feet once again and starting doing more raids. Whilst progressing in ICC and gaining new geared members, they decided on getting more members for ICC 25.

Once they were progressing ICC, some guild members were having internal debates because some members didn’t get picked for ICC 10 and they decided to argue and leave. Within that night of ICC 10 the guild wasn’t performing as they should and people were getting anxious and annoyed, this lead to other guild members leaving. Over that night members were discussing on vent about leaving because a previous member had just made a new guild, which we heard them saying about it. (Near enough same thing that happened before.) So Sliksrzeus decided to remove these members. He was then up against most members probably leaving to join that guild, so Lilhottybabe decided to talk to mates on Alliance and by the end of the night Sliksrzeus decided to disbanded Evil Council due too high level of stress the night caused. They then decided to make an application to an alliance guild.

They quickly joined the alliance guild and was raiding with them. Lilhottybabe raided more ICC 25s (including Hard Modes) with the guild and Sliksrzeus downed Lich King and various Hard Modes in 10mans. Due to Lilhottybabe only getting a social spot, and them both missing leading their own guild decided to leave this guild and make Imperium.

With having more experience between them both on ICC 10 and 25 they decided to make another guild this time on Alliance.



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