Imperium guild rules.

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Imperium guild rules.

Post  Sliksrzeus on Tue May 25, 2010 11:29 pm

1. All members must be on vent unless you have given a valid reason too the raid leader why you cant be.
Once your on vent your not too scream or shout but humor is acceptable off course. Smile

2. If you have signed for a raid you must show up on time, be outside the raid you signed for and be ready for invite, Once your in the raid your not too go AFK unless
Raid leader Says it's ok for a break. Also when you have signed you have signed a contract that you can stay too atleast 23:30 server time.

3. The guild bank can be accessed through either sliksrzeus or lilhottybabe if you want something from the guild bank.
You will not get anything unless you have particpated in donating too the guild bank.

4. All members must respect the other members in the guild and you shall not arugue in guild chat, if you need register a complaint
Please talk too either a officer or higher to explain the situation.

5. The looting system which Imperium use for now is mainspec roll and offspec roll, When we have a fixed ICC group's we shall be converting too DKP
Which the GM will maintain. You will get points for saying the whole raid, Per hour and also per boss kill also if your online during raid times and wasnt invited. please note points will
be removed if you fail too stay the whole raid ect.

6. All members that join the raid must be prepared too bring flasks/Food and potions that your class would use.
Also all imperium members must be prepared for wipes on new bosses as this is progression.

7. All raiding members of Imperium should have the following addons:- Omen threat meter And also DBM and other addon's you may use during raids and all on ready too go.

8. When the raid leader issues a ready check and you click "ready" your saying your fully buffed with all consumables.
It's up too you too check your fully buffed.

9. If you sign for a raid you must allow atleast 12 hours too explain too the raid leader why you can not come unless it's a last minute thing.

If you break any of these rules you will be giving a warning, After 3 Warnings you will be removed from the guild.


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