Application for Xanderos (Accepted)

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Application for Xanderos (Accepted)

Post  Ryanparfitt on Thu Jun 03, 2010 5:57 am

Hey there my names Ryan im 23yrs old and come from SW England.

My charachters name is Xanderos and im an assasination (mutilate) Rogue. I have 450 leatherworking and 407 Engineering, also secondary prof cooking is at 450 skill.
Heres my link so you can check me out, =]

My previous guild was called, Points mean Prizes. I was only in this guild for 2 days.
My orignal reason for joining these was, It was a bunch of guys who play down an internet cafe locally to me, I use to go down there and knew a couple of them and thought it sounded like a good idea. My reason for leaving so soon was, on my first raid with a few of them this evening it turned out they didnt have the same principles as me and many others when it came to handing out loot accordingly and cheated 2 people out of their loot. this was not something i wanted to be a part of.

I will whisper either your self or lilhotty on reasons for leaving other guilds and explain reasons why =]

The reason i chose Imperium, well I'll tell u what i have done tonight. After leaving PmP i got on the net and started out on the look for a guild. Ive bin on many websites and read through alot of Info but mostly it was the same thing over and over. I stumbled over Imperium tbh but after starting to read about your history and experience from starting guilds in horde and alliance to have them fail but pick it up and go again down to your rules which are clear and fair. I expect that for my hard work and dedication to the raiding, I will get closer to seeing end game combat and hopefully spoils for my rogue =].

My previous raid experience isnt spectacular but I'd put alot of that down to finding the right guild/team, I have 6/12 ICC10, 4/12 ICC25, 4/5 ToGC10 and full achieve's on ToC10/25, I also have the earlier wotlk raids. I have no raiding experience pre wotlk.

Tbh I loved playing my rogue from level 1 and never stopped I also have a 70 priest I'm enjoying too. I play most days but can attend anytime day or night. I will attend every raid every week atleast thats what i usually do =].

I would deffinatly count myself as a fast learner when it come to new bosses/dungeons and no problem grasping tactics for new bosses. ( especially when DBM is jumping in my face )

My strong side is Deffinatly my DPS but it can allways be improved. One other area i could improve on is researching on the later bosses of ICC.

Now abit about me, I'm a pretty chilled out person, and like laughing at the crazy kinda people you meet on this game =] But generally I play to have fun and enjoy raiding the most. Damn those WEEKLY raids >_<

Hope to hear from ya soon
Ryan =]


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Re: Application for Xanderos (Accepted)

Post  Sliksrzeus on Thu Jun 03, 2010 2:59 pm

Hello there, as your gear is good a few minor upgrades here and there needed but overall your App seems good with experience matching our guild needs, so we would like too offer you a 2 week trial, please whisper myself or lilhottybabe for invite in too imperium.



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