Paladin Recruitment (ACCEPTED ON TRIAL)

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Paladin Recruitment (ACCEPTED ON TRIAL)

Post  Apply on Fri Jun 18, 2010 7:35 pm

Personal info:
Name: Jesper
Age: 14
Location: Sweden/Stockholm

Character info:
Name: Diskmaskinen
Class and spec: Dwarf Paladin 11/5/55
Professions: Mining 450/450 Engineering 240/450
Your armory link:

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving them: I used to be in <Salto> before making this application.And my reasons to leave it is that the raid leader of group 1 took group 2´s main tank without permission from group two´s raid leader and getting the tank locked infact group two had raid the same night.And when raid leader from group two asked him why he took the tank without permission he had a very bad attitude.
After that most of the group two left the guild and the guild was some how fallen apart, so i decided to leave.

Why do you choose Imperium, and what do you expect? I want to join Imperium because it seems to be a decent guild with a stable raiding team. You have fun while your raiding, thats what i most like about raiding.

Previous raiding experience (also pre wotlk and pre tbc). Icecrown 10: 8/12 25: 6/12 Ulduar 10 HM 8/13 ObS 10/25 3 drakes Malygos 10/25 OnY 10/25 Totc 10/25 HM not inclused.
Pre WoTLK: Kharazan/ AQ40 / Sunwell / Zul´Gurub.

Do you enjoy your class and will you play it for a long long time? Im enjoying my class alote, and im not planning to stop playing it either.

How often do you play? My approximate hours per week is 50+ and that would be every day.
Middle of the day until 24+

Will you attend at least 3 raids regularly every week? Yes

Please provide us with a screenshot of your UI, and WWS report of any recent raids you have participated in

Do you see yourself as a fast learner on new encounters? Yes

What are your strong sides in raids, and where do you feel you can improve? My strong sides are making good DpS during the raid / bosses provide the raid with health / mana and switch to adds when it´s time for that. Im not sure about the tactics on Sindragosa, so i have to improve that alittle.

Other information that you want to share: My FpS during the raid is around 30-45 and my MS is around -200+ And my internet-connection is stable.


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Post  lilhottybabe on Mon Jun 21, 2010 3:42 pm

Spoke with him in game, checked his gear etc.

Invited on trial basis.


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