Deathknigt/Shaman Application (Accepted)

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Deathknigt/Shaman Application (Accepted)

Post  Prucko on Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:42 pm

Personal info:
Name: Johnny
Age: 21
Location: Denmark

Character info:
Name: Prucko & Fregazoid
Class and spec: Deathknight Unholy DPS - Shaman Elemental.
Professions: Herbalism & Alchemy, Skinning & Leatherworking.

Your armory link:
This is the link to my DK:
This is the link to my Shaman:

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving them:
Been in Inquistion with Ironcloak, we left cause of the same. Because officers prio them self higher than members with raiding and stuff so never equal which was sucky.
Then ive been in shorty, but really bad attitudes in there. they were q_q'ing about i won deaths verdict trinket in toc25 with a pug run, so they went nuts on me and kicked my shammy, so i decided to log the dk and leave it. Really crappy people in there so thats the reason.

Why do you choose Imperium, and what do you expect?
Ive heard good of imperium from my friend Ironcloak, and some nice people in there aswell. Better attitude and stuff thats what im really looking for, some guild society and pro raiding stylish.

Previous raiding experience (also pre wotlk and pre tbc).
In Vanilla wow i cleared up to sapphiron in naxx, everything else was downed.
In TBC i cleared up to twins in SWP, everything else ive downed, didnt manage to clear SWP cause of WOTLK cooming out so Sad.
In WOTLK i cleared all up to lichking 10man and up to blood princess in 25 man, all below that is downed.

Do you enjoy your class and will you play it for a long long time?
Yeah definatly i will, when i make a char i put all my effort in it and i still do so no worries on that one.

How often do you play?
Alot, 3 raids a week shud be easly handled. i was used to raid 6 days a week in TBC and Vanilla so shud be good here too. and i play alot too in the daytime aswell^^

Will you attend at least 3 raids regularly every week?
yeah shud be able to im here for duty sir ! Smile

Please provide us with a screenshot of your UI, and WWS report of any recent raids you have participated in
Dont know how to put it here, but ive got SpartanUI+Bartender for bars and stuff, and recount, omen DBM, decursive and all the nessecary addons for raiding.

Do you see yourself as a fast learner on new encounters?
yeah i do, cause i mean u can max do the same mistake 1-3 times in my head then it shud be perfect. Thats only cause ive learned it that way from Vanilla and TBC ive been raiding all my wow carrier so i guess so yeah Smile

What are your strong sides in raids, and where do you feel you can improve?
My strong side is probably that i have a good overview of stuffs happening and can do good dps meanwhile. im a bit overall raider i can do alot of stuff that can be handy, dont know how i do it but it is just so logical to me and in my fingers.

Other information that you want to share:
Well im a reliable player with loads of experience, and im a good person to the society part of the guild aswell. So i dont believe i would downgrade imperiums progress at all so pick me Smile


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Re: Deathknigt/Shaman Application (Accepted)

Post  lilhottybabe on Fri Jul 02, 2010 6:17 pm

Applicant was accepted for trial, due to an Class Officer speaking with him in-game.



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