Trial Period and What is expected!

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Trial Period and What is expected!

Post  Sliksrzeus on Tue May 25, 2010 11:52 pm

Your a trial this is your chance to prove yourself.

Trialing will take 2-3 Weeks, If you fail trial you'll be kicked, If you want to know how your trial is going please whisper an officer.

What we expect?

- 3 nights a week as you have said in your application.
- If you screw up, Dont do it again.
- Come prepared to every raid
- No attitude/drama
- Good performance
- Stable connection
- 2 Raiding Professions

If for some reason you can't complete your trial due to something major (E.g. You're in hospital) you'll be demoted and put to inactive until you're back, if you're still needed, you'll be offered a re-trial.

If you join on trial and disappear, we will give a little time but in the end, no notification on the forums you will be kicked.

The same will apply to members, if you disappear without notice there is a chance you'll be kicked.


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