Leslax application (Accepted)

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Leslax application (Accepted)

Post  DanielSPG on Tue Jul 13, 2010 5:52 pm

Personal info:
Name: Daniel
Location:Rotterdam, Holland

Character info:
Class and spec: Prot (ms) Fury (os)
Your armory link:

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving them: Lack of effort in raid group. Core members that did put in effort quit group. At least one joined your ranks (Nathan)

Why do you choose Imperium, and what do you expect?
I choose Imperium to join my good mate Nathan in a serious raidin guild. I expect good progress in ICC and any future cata raids. Fair critisism when I make mistakes so I can improve my game

Previous raiding experience (also pre wotlk and pre tbc).
Didnt play wow until WOTLK so rushed to 80...
-all complete

8 bosses in Ulduar10
7 bosses in ICC10
4 bosses in ICC25

Do you enjoy your class and will you play it for a long long time?
Although Ive recently lvl'd a lock to 80 for a change of pace I Love to tank with my main as long as It's challenging and I get the chance to experience new encounters. My offspec on main character is also good enough to run with the best so I know my class well.

How often do you play?
As I'm a musician I cant play on a super regular basis. If I don;t have rehearsals or performances I'm on WoW at night. Which is between 4 and 6 nights a week.

Will you attend at least 3 raids regularly every week?
I might have the occasional week where I can't make a raid (see previous question), but monday, wednesday thursday and sunday are usually ok for me so I'll make at least 3 raids a week 9 out of 10 times

Please provide us with a screenshot of your UI, and WWS report of any recent raids you have participated in
At the moment I dont have any means to upload my picture on the web, nor how to access a WWS report...
I use Bartender,Recount,Omen, and Sexymap to be able to access all nessery information quickly in the bottom of my screen. I use Xperl and Grid for target/raid windows and ElkBuffBars for my own buffs and debuffs. If really needed I can mail any of you a screenshot. If you tell me how to access a WWS report I'd be happy to deliver that as well.

Do you see yourself as a fast learner on new encounters?
Yes, once I experience the fight. Seeing videos or reading tactics usually only give me a global idea of what awaits me. Once i see the fight mechanics in action everything I know falls in to place and I understand what to.

What are your strong sides in raids, and where do you feel you can improve?
My patience is my strongest side, as is my eagerness to learn and flexibilty. The weak parts.. I usually focus on my job alone so won;t be of much help helping others with different aspects of a fight (unless I've done that aspect for myself once or twice) For instance, at Rotface I'm used to tanking the boss, so taking the add would feel like I do the encounter first time, while at PP I'm use to Abomination so tanking boss would be etc...

Other information that you want to share:

Remember this is minimum, feel free to add anything that you feel will interest us. Your application is the first impression we get of you. Take your time and write a good application. Answering questions with "yes or no" or a single sentence does not make it a good application.


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Re: Leslax application (Accepted)

Post  lilhottybabe on Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:53 pm

Thanks for your application. I spoke to you in game and have told the Tank Class Leaders about it.

They will get back to you as soon as possible.

Good luck!

Lil <3



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Re: Leslax application (Accepted)

Post  Sliksrzeus on Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:16 pm

Hello there, thank you for your application.

I'd like too offer you a 2 week trial. please whisper in-game for invite.


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Re: Leslax application (Accepted)

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