Application for Drussink (Declined)

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Application for Drussink (Declined)

Post  Drussink on Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:38 am

Hello my name is Gavin Lowery and I am 39yrs old and I live in the Hampshire area. My main hobbies besides playing WoW are rugby union (retired openside flanker) and cycling for the sheer pain/pleasure it gives me, I am currently am racing for Velocity Bikes CC. Further info of me can be found on facebook.

My WoW character is Drussink who is a Retribution Paladin with the following specs 11/5/55. His mining skill is at 450/450 and also his jewel crafting skill is at 324/450.

I pride myself on how quickly I learn and have dedicated many hours in researching how a Retribution Paladin works and should be geared. I have set up various macros, downloaded add ons that I feel will assist me. The add ons I have downloaded are:

Pally power
Deadly boss mods.

My previous guild was Zombie Punch (ZP) and I joined ZP because I wanted to raid. I left ZP because of the lack raiding I was doing with them.

Drussink can be found loitering with a blatant intent to raid / pug random hc’s in dalaran. Please feel free to appraise him with gear score. I really enjoy playing Drussink and in my opinion Retribution Paladins are the best hybrid class in WoW when played to there full potential.

My strengths are that I am a quick learner and can adapt to changing situations. I am a team player and will always give 100% for myself and fellow raiders. I have a good sense of humor and have saintly levels of patience. I have specced drussink to able to lay down decent levels of damage to adds and bosses while contributing to the raids survivability by assisting the raid healers keeping the main tanks health up and also by assisting with cleansing debuffs for all raid members.

My goal is to be the best Retribution Paladin I can be and be a consistently reliable and fun raiding companion for imperium.

I play WoW on an imac which is an extremely reliable piece of kit. My internet connection is also very stable and to date I have had not one unforced dc at any stage while playing. I have installed vent on my mac and have set it up, but I have a problem because the servers codecs are not compatible with the vent clients codecs on the mac. The solution maybe that on the server side the relevant codecs need to be installed. Who I ask or how easy that is to do in reality, I have no idea.


Gavin Very Happy


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Re: Application for Drussink (Declined)

Post  lilhottybabe on Thu Jul 15, 2010 5:05 pm

Hey Gav,

Nice to see your applying for raider xD

I will get a Melee CL to look over the gear to help you out. But would be good to see you raiding with us in the near future.

Lil <3



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Post  Xtramuscle on Fri Jul 16, 2010 7:16 pm

Unfortunately the majority of your gear is only 232, and you have very limited experience in the current raids (ICC and RS) I'd suggest gearing up, and getting more experience then maybe reapply but for now, unfortunatly

Application Failed.


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Re: Application for Drussink (Declined)

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