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Read this before applying

Post  Sliksrzeus on Wed May 26, 2010 12:10 am

Hello All!

About Imperium:

* We are a Alliance PvE raiding guild based on Hellscream EU.
* Our focus is and always will be endgame PVE raiding content.
* We have good leaders with experience in leading raids, And have all the experience needed too lead guild.

Our PvE progress:

ICC10 : 12/12
ICC10 HM: 7/12
ICC25 HM: 1/12
ICC25: 9/12
TOTC10: Full clear
TOTC25: Full clear

What we can offer you:
o The chance to explore the very pinnacle of endgame raiding content.
o The opportunity to raid amongst hellscream’s finest in a positive and progressive environment.
o Well organized and fair raid setups.

What we expect from you:
+ You must enjoy your class and always give it your all in raids, especially on progression nights.
+ Great knowledge of your class and your role in raids
+ Dedication and activity!
+ Committed and willing to learn and adapt fast in situations.
+ Enjoy serious raiding and achieving new goals as a team
+ A stable computer with a solid internet connection is a must, you are no good to us if you disconnect every 5 minutes.
+ PvE Specced
+ Always come prepared for raids and also be willing to farm for appropriate class flasks and all other consumables you may bring.
+ Good understanding of English
+ Be able to take constructive criticism if necessary. Everyone makes mistakes, even the best of us, you must be mature enough to take advice if you're doing something wrong - Leave your ego in dalaran when you come to raid.
+ Participation in raids (We expect a minimum of 3 raids a week from our members)
+ A LOT of patience (If you don't have this don't even bother applying)
+ You must have the latest version of Ventrilo installed, having a working mic is also a huge plus.

Raiding Schedule:
Our planned raiding times are 3 days a week Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Monday the times are from 19:15 - 23:30 Server .


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