Hunter application (Accepted)

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Hunter application (Accepted)

Post  Quattros on Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:21 pm

Name: Roy
Age: 37
Location: Manchester UK

Character info: SV Hunter (6012 gs)
Name: Quattros
Class and spec: Hunter
Professions: Leather working 450 some icc patterns, skinning 450
Your armory link:

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving them: Deserters Reprieve, Vanity Gaming

Why do you choose Imperium, and what do you expect? I have quite a few friends who i have raided with who have recently joined and i miss the groups we had

Previous raiding experience (also pre wotlk and pre tbc). Naxx Ulduar and ICC

Do you enjoy your class and will you play it for a long long time? Yeah i really enjoy playing my hunter and im currently gearing up a warlock 5445 gs at present

How often do you play? Every day ( too much according to the misses lol )

Will you attend at least 3 raids regularly every week? Yeah np

Please provide us with a screenshot of your UI, and WWS report of any recent raids you have participated in

Do you see yourself as a fast learner on new encounters? I like to think so yeah

What are your strong sides in raids, and where do you feel you can improve? I do pretty decent DPS and i try to be aware of the things going on around the raid but im always open to help when im missing things

Other information that you want to share: Ive raided with Nathan, Tiff , Fallenangel ,Leslax Zayumi ,and Tizwoz on a regular basis. So cheers all and good luck with the raiding Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards Roy.

Remember this is minimum, feel free to add anything that you feel will interest us. Your application is the first impression we get of you. Take your time and write a good application. Answering questions with "yes or no" or a singl


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Re: Hunter application (Accepted)

Post  lilhottybabe on Sat Jul 24, 2010 5:35 pm

Thanks for your application I will get the CL too look over your application and get back to you.

Good Luck

Lil <3



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Re: Hunter application (Accepted)

Post  Xtramuscle on Sat Jul 24, 2010 5:39 pm

You seem nicely geared, I would have liked to have seen your UI, but alot of ppl have issues uploading those due to nowhere to host them.
You're not as experienced in ICC as I would have liked, but I'm happy to give you a trial, and put you into Grp 2/3 for you to get a feel for some of the later bosses before adding you to any HC teams being formed.

Application Approved, PM any officer for an ingame INV.


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Re: Hunter application (Accepted)

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