Recruitment status 25/6/2010

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Recruitment status 25/6/2010

Post  Sliksrzeus on Wed May 26, 2010 12:25 am

We are always open to all exceptional applications, but currently looking for/recruitment needs:

Death Knight:
- Tank Low
- DPS Closed

- Feral Dps Low
- Feral Tank Medium
- Balance High
- Restoration Closed

Hunter Low

Mage Closed

- Protection Closed
- Retribution Medium
- Holy Closed

- Holy/Disc Closed
- Shadow Medium

Rogue low

- Restoration Low
- Elemental High
- Enhancement High

Warlock medium

- Arms Closed Fury Medium
- Protection Closed

How to Apply:
You can apply with a public or a private application.
You must copy the application template and fill in with as much detail as you can give.
Then post it here in recruitment section or send it to Lilhottybabe as PM if you don't want to make a public application.

Applying for Social Spot:
Imperium is a raiding guild, so we do not recruit socials. Social Spot is only given to:

+ Exceptional trials of the classes we really need to recruit, but the person is not yet up to the guild's standards. They get in as social, work to gear up outside the raids and are promoted to trial when they are ready to join in official raids.

We are always on the look out for players with potential, so we strongly encourage you to apply if you think you've got what it takes even if your class spot is full.

PS: You can send your application as PM to Lilhottybabe if you dont want it to be public.


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